Maraú Península

Crystal clear waters, coral, oyster farms


Crystal clear waters, coral, oyster farms


An adventure filled with exquisite places in Bahia, including Boipeba, Peninsula of Marau and Itacaré

Day 1
Arriving on the island of Boipeba is enchanting like paradise, with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches all very well preserved. The island offers 20 km of untouched beaches, with coconut trees on ones side and the blue sea on the other protected by coral reefs. The calm sea calls for a swim, snorkeling in the natural pools. We’ll stroll on a private boat around the island with a stop at the oyster farm. Overnight accommodation on the island.

Day 2
Getting out of the hotel we’ll go walking on the beach through old Boipeba until the beach of Moreré. We’ll walk to the end of the beach Boca da Barra where we’ll start the trail. We’ll go through hills of rain forest and arrive at the beach Tassimirim. There is a great extension of palm trees, calm sea with natural pools formed by the reef at low tide. We’ll continue on the coastline until Cueira beach. There we’ll go to the famous restaurant Guido da Lagosta where they serve different flavors and styles of lobster dishes. From there we’ll continue to Moreré, which is considered the most beautiful beach of Boipeba. The bay of Moreré has calm water with coral reef forming many natural pools hosting different kinds of fish. We’ll get back on a truck crossing the island. In the evening, free time on the island.

Day 3
We will leave Boipeba by speedboat to get to Torrinhas. From there we’ll get to Camamu with a stop at the beautiful waterfall of Pancada Grande. We’ll take a boat for another adventure through the beautiful islands of the Camamu bay. We’ll pass by fishermen’s village like Campinho, Sapinho, Island of Goió and the paradise beaches of the island Pedra Furada. Lunch on the island of Sapinho where they serve delicious fresh shrimp and lobster. We’ll continue through the mangrove to the village Cajaíba where we’ll visit shipyards handcrafting wooden. We’ll continue to navigate until the waterfall of Tremembé, which blooms from the rain forest and plunges directly into the salty water of the bay making it a great spot to swim. Overnight accommodation in Barra Grande.

Day 4
Departure in the morning for a new adventure! With a quad we’ll take the trail through the coconut trees to the gigantic bromeliads. We’ll keep on until the hill Moro do Celular where we’ll enjoy the most impressive view of the peninsula. We’ll continue to the Cassange lagoon, separated from the ocean by 90 meter of beach. The lagoon is 1500 meters wide with fresh water that is ideal to swim. We’ll go to Taipú de For a where we’ll find 7 km of beach with tall coconut trees, natural pools at low tide, 1km from away from the coast. The transparent water offers exceptional visibility to enjoy the colorful fish and coral. Free time in Taipú de Fora to rest, have a fresh drink or enjoy a delicious lunch. After the excursion around the peninsula we’ll continue towards Itacaré where we’ll accommodate for the night.

Dia 5
We’ll take a tour to visit the urban beaches of Itacaré: Concha, Resende, Costa, Ribeira and Tiririca. After making the most of it, we’ll briefly stroll around the shops of the town to finish our excursion nicely. On the way back to Ilhéus we’ll stop at the observation deck in Serra Grande: an amazing place which offers the most beautiful scenery to take stunning pictures.

Our suggestions
Sunset at Bocca da Barra in Boipeba
Dinner at the restaurant Santa Clara in Boipeba
Tapioca with shrimp at the Bar das Meninas in Taipú de Fora
Sunset at Ponta do Mutá 
Sunset at Ponta do Xaréu in Itacaré 
Surf class at the beach Engenhoca 
Tree hiking and zip-line in Itacaré 
Rafting on river de Contas

  • Águas transparentes, coral, fazendas de ostras
  • Águas transparentes, coral, fazendas de ostras
  • Águas transparentes, coral, fazendas de ostras
  • Cachoeira de Tremembé
  • Piscinas Naturais e Trilhas
  • Piscinas Naturais e Trilhas
    • Trekking pelas Praias
    • Trekking pelas Praias
    • Trekking pelas Praias


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