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BOMBAÇA Beach house


Beautiful house standing on the sand at Bombaça beach. With great structure and ample space, it is rustic and charming and a perfect option for those who want to enjoy Bahia’s paradise with comfort and exclusivity.


4 suites with air conditioning, guest toilet, 1 indoor kitchen, 1 gourmet kitchen, 2 kiosks (one with pool bar and outdoor shower and one for breakfast and lunch), Indoor living room with TV and Ipod amplifier, combined with table for dining room with 8 seats. Sound system in the room, balcony and pool. Fiber optic cable internet with Wi-Fi in every room. Large outdoor balcony, and a deck through the pool and front of the entire house. 1 refrigerator, 1 refrigerator for drinks, 2 freezers, 2 stoves with five burners.

Cook, Maid, Assistant, Bed linen, bath and table.
Transfer from the airport to the property. Purchase of airline tickets, car rental, tours, cook, shopping.
Capacity of 6 to 8 people in the main house

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