Brazil was born here, in the heart of the indigenous villages. This tour will surprise and fulfill you with emotions and discoveries at the authentic Pataxó Reservation. We’ll stroll through the rain forest rich of natural beauties, water paths and trails on the beach.

Day 1 We’ll start our excursion by visiting an organic cocoa farm. We’ll get to know the entire production process of cocoa, from planting to fermentation. We’ll see how cocoa liquor is made from the fruit – a unique flavor you’ve never experienced before. After the excursion we’ll go to Canavieiras. On the shore of the river Pardo, the city offers beautiful, romantic and peaceful sceneries. We’ll stroll the town and have a typical lunch at the pier. We’ll then take a speedboat to cross the magical mangrove to the town of Belmonte where we’ll visit the pottery workshop of Dona Dagmar who produces vases up to two meters and a half high. From Belmonte we’ll get to Trancoso. Always following the coastline, we’ll go through Santo André and Santa Cruz Cabralia. Overnight accommodation in Trancoso.

Day 2 We’ll spend the day to get to know Trancoso – the former village of Saint John the Baptist of the Indians – entitled to the municipality of Porto Seguro and founded by the Jesuits in 1586. Trancoso offers and intimate encounter with exuberant nature and healthy lifestyle, full of pleasures. The best way to know the beaches is on foot, between two dives in the turquoise sea. The heart of Trancoso lays at its famous Square, part of Brazil’s historical patrimony with its colorful houses and small church of St. John de Baptist founded in 1656. From there the infinite view of the ocean, river and beach is breathtaking. The houses around the square are hosting handcraft and brand shops, bars and restaurants, which are part of the active and charming social life of Trancoso.

Day 3 For our third day, we’ll take an excursion to the beach of Espelho and Caraiva. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Espelho is unforgettable. An exotic and naturally privileged beach with turquoise sea and exquisite natural pools, red and white impressive cliffs, many small rivers and lines of coconut trees all in one place. It’s the scenery for a movie! From there we’ll leave to Caraiva. Classified historical patrimony with its 470 years, Caraiva is one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa do Descobrimento. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the river, this paradise like peninsula belongs to the biodiversity of the National Park of Monte Pascoal, mark of the arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil. Overnight accommodation in Caraiva.

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