The Peninsula of Maraú offers to its visitor extraordinary experiences. The region is an ecological sanctuary with a great diversity of coastal ecosystems, natural pools, beaches and trails. For the expedition we have put together the best of the peninsula in a two days trip.

Day 1

Day 1 The bay of Camamu is the third biggest bay in Brazil and is still poorly explored. It’s a navigator’s paradise! Many islands of different size, beaches, forest, mangrove, everything is still well preserved. We will embark in Camamu on a speedboat to explore the most beautiful sites of the bay. Fishermen’s villages like Campinho, Sapinho, Island of Goio and the idyll secret beach of Pedra Furada Island. From its natural stone formation, the island makes an arch surrounded by palm trees and other vegetation. That’s where it got its name from: “pedra furada” means pierced stone. At low tide, the sand beach appears surrounding the island, making the landscape even more beautiful creating many aquariums ideal to snorkel and observe marine life. Lunch will be served on the island of the Sapinho, where they serve delicious shrimp and fresh lobster. We will then get to the Tremembé waterfall – surging out of the jungle and poring directly in the salty waters of the bay. It’s the perfect spot for a swim. After enjoying the amazing view of the waterfall and taking a bath in the powerful waters, we will head towards the mangrove – nursery of all marine ecosystems – until we reach the village of Cajaiba. The main activity of this village is building boats. We will visit the shipyard where big wooden boats are still handcrafted. The night will be spent in Barra Grande.

Day 2

A new day for a new adventure! We’ll take the dirt road with the car or squad on the trails through the coconut trees and gigantic bromeliads. We’ll go up the hill of Morro do Celular from where we can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the whole peninsula. We’ll continue until we reach the lagoon of Cassange. Separated by 90 meters of sand from the ocean, the lagoon is 1500 meters wide. Its fresh water is ideal to bathe and do sports. We’ll go on to Taipú de Fora: 7 km of clear sanded beach, gigantic coconut trees and coral reefs. The beach calls for long walks with dives in transparent water. It looks like heaven and you may enjoy it as much stretching on a long chair at the bar. The best of Taipú is the huge natural pool forming at low tide 1 km away from the coast. Snorkeling is perfect to watch the colorful fish and coral. The water offers exceptional visibility. It’s the best place for free diving to discover the fascinating submarine life. After that, nothing is better than having a drink and lunch at a beach bar. Then we’ll have some free time in Taipú de Fora and drive to Itacaré for a tour around the city and its wonderful urban beaches.

Our suggestions:

Shrimp on tapioca at Bar da Meninas Sunset at the tip of Mutá Extend the adventure with an overnight stay in Itacaré

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