Visiting the cocoa plantation will make us travel in time, taking us into the historical past of the region while giving us a feeling of tranquility. The excursion will bring back stories of gunmen, love and treason portraying an extravagant past of the rich colonels, immortalized in Jorge Amado’s novels – a symbol of Ilheus’ culture. We’ll get to each part of the farm full of stories, starting with the small trail in the shade of the Atlantic Rain Forest, which will teach us the process of cocoa crop: harvest, drying and fermentation. We’ll also try the delicious cocoa fruit. It’s a unique excursion combining nature, culture and history.


Fazenda Ararauna provides an incredible experience to its visitors. We will take a tour in the RPPN Ararauna with walks in the Atlantic Forest with the accompaniment of specialist biologists in the region. We will get to know the agroforestry system and the different cultivated species: cocoa, coffee, açaí, cupuaçu, vanilla and black pepper. The visitor will follow the whole process of making the chocolate, from the planting of the fruit to the product packaging and tasting. Other attractions of the farm are the Aliança River, climbing in the treetops and the observation of wildlife animals, such as the golden-faced lion tamarin and the chauá parrot.


Located 20km from Itacaré, on the banks of the Rio de Contas, Fazenda Vila Rosa is an old cocoa farm with a colonial style mansion as its headquarters. We will take a guided tour of the Atlantic Forest, cocoa plantation, barge, chocolate factory, Casarão da Vila Rosa and surrounding gardens. We will monitor the cocoa harvest and fermentation and drying processes. Visit to the artisanal chocolate factory with tasting of delicious products such as cocoa honey, chocolate and brownie. The farm also has rooms for lodging, restaurant, rock pool and dam, great for swimming and paddling with kayaks.

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