Located between the sea and the bay of Camamu, few places on the Brazilian coast have managed to maintain their charm and preserved nature as well as the Maraú Peninsula. Camamu Bay is the third largest in Brazil in terms of water volume. It is still little explored and is home to a variety of islands of all sizes, as well as well-preserved beaches, forests and mangroves. The region offers several types of beaches, for all tastes. The beaches facing the ocean are extensive, with good waves for surfing, clear sand and reefs that form natural pools with warm waters. The incredible beach of Taipu de Fora has as its main attraction the immense natural pools, formed at low tide between the coral reefs. With crystal clear waters, full of fish, they are suitable for snorkeling, diving and underwater observation. Very different from the hustle and bustle of most famous tourist centers, the village of Barra Grande has a climate of tranquility and a beautiful natural setting, which leaves any visitor delighted. The complicated access made the place retain the typical atmosphere of an old fishing village, ideal for relaxing and recharging. Other beaches and villages such as Saquaíra, Bombaça, Cassange, Algodões and Piracanga, have different attractions and characteristics, which make the Peninsula an amazing place.


Located southeast of Bahia on the Dendê Coast, the peninsula of Maraú offers 50 km of primitive beaches, pools in coral reef, vast areas of coconut trees, waterfalls, islands and mangroves. It’s a memorable combination of breathtaking landscapes that will certainly take your breath away. On the safari tour we’ll drive across the peninsula by car or ATV through the palm tree and giant bromeliads trails. On the way we’ll stop to enjoy the exuberant view from Morro do Celular and stroll around the lagoon of Cassange. Swimming in the lagoon is an option.

We’ll continue to Taipú de Fora – considered one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches – where we’ll enjoy more than 7 km of sea, giant coconut trees, coral reef and white sand. It’s a must-see as it is the most visited destination on the peninsula. We have the option to snorkel depending on the tide: at low tide the coral reef rises creating the famous and attractive natural pools of Taipú de Fora. After relaxing and enjoying the sea, we’ll follow up with the coconut trees and bromeliads trail: a unique spectacle of the region’s vivacious nature and tropical landscape.


The Bay of Camamu is the third biggest in Brazil in volume of water. It isn’t much explored yet therefor a preserved destination with a great variety of different islands besides the beaches, forest and mangrove. On a speedboat we’ll navigate through the most beautiful spots of the bay. We’ll visit fishermen villages like Campinho, Sapinho, Ilha do Goió and paradisiacal beaches. We’ll continue until we reachthe small island of Pedra Furada with crystal clear water that got its name (pierced rock) from the shellfish making holes in the rocks. It offers an enchanting view with its naturally formed rocky arch and is covered with a great diversity of flora including palm trees. At low tide the sand banks surround the island making the landscape even more beautiful and creating many aquariums ideal to dive in and observe the marine life. For lunch we have the option to eat on the island Sapinho where fresh lobster is a specialty.

We’ll continue to navigate through the mangrove trees – nursery of all marine ecosystems – until we reach the village called Cajaíba. The main activity there is building ships. We’ll visit the shipyards where big wooden boats are still handcrafted. Then we’ll arrive at the Tremembé cascade that thrives from the rain forest and falls directly in the salty water of the bay. In the midst of a clean environment with forest, mangrove, rivers and see, the river Rio Maraú makes an amazing 30 m large and 5 m long cascade forming a big lagoon ideal to recharge our batteries and make the most out of the surrounding nature.

Lunch option on the island of Sapinho where the specialty is delicious fresh lobsters.

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