Welcome to the land of Gabriela! An enchanting tour with 481 years of history! Ilhéus is located between the ocean and the Atlantic Rain Forest, on the coastline of the south of Bahia. With 100 km of white sandy beach, the city became famous for its cocoa plantations that made its prosperity for many years, influencing the architecture of the city. Hometown of the great author Jorge Amado who became internationally known with his novels happening in Ilhéus. Neo-classical mansions, small palaces and churches surround the city center remembering the golden age of the cocoa period at the beginning of the 20th century. Among them, the culture house Jorge Amado where the author used to live, the cathedral of São Sebastião and the church of São Jorge, which we’ll all visit during our city tour besides the ice-cream shop Ponto Chic, the municipal theatre, the pedestrian block Jorge Amado, the colonel Misael Tavares mansion, the Paranaguá palace, the craft market and the chocolate shops. The tour also includes the Vesúvio bar – internationally famous with the novel ‘Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon’ – and the Bataclan cabaret that has been transformed in a restaurant and cultural space.

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