Serra Grande is located between the sea and the green of the Atlantic Forest that accompanies the entire south coast of Bahia. The main route to reach Serra Grande is a huge green corridor, the park 001 road. Arriving in the city, from the lookout, if you have a fantastic view, you can see the beaches of Pé de Serra and Sargi and the north coast of Ilhéus. Surrounded by the Serra do Conduru State Park, several institutions in Serra Grande are working to preserve the Atlantic Forest and social development with sustainable tourism. In an area composed of immense coconut trees, waterfalls and extensive beaches with warm waters, practically deserted, the small village goes beyond the stunning viewpoint. The community life of Serra Grande is fostered through presentations by different cultural groups and by encouraging local artisanal production. The village is surrounded by properties where small producers exercise organic agriculture, developing the “farm to table” concept. The small and charming village attracts people from all over the world. The square, the main meeting place of the village, is an invitation to the evening chat accompanied by açaí and a good tapioca.


Serra Grande is located 36 km away from Ilhéus, on the park-road that leads to Itacaré. It’s a typical village with beaches and small colored houses. The beaches are still virgin with clear blue sea. The village stands 300 m above the ocean level from where you can view 35 km of coastline. We’ll continue off-road inside the rain forest where we can see wild animals and birds until we get to the waterfall Cachoeira da Mata. To finalize we’ll take a swim in the silence of this revitalizing sanctuary.


It’s a tropical paradise located half way between Ilhéus and Itacaré, 1 km away from Serra Grande, within the APA Itacaré-Serra Grande (protected area) – one of the last remnant of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. This region is known for its cocoa production and the goal of the fazenda is to preserve the natural and cultural patrimony in a sustainable way using ecotourism: minimum negative impact and maximum preservation and well being for the locals and visitors. The farm produces certified organic coca and other fruits, vegetables and rubber. Integrated learning, teaching and living, exchanges between the locals and foreigners are part of the daily routine of this exemplary fazenda. There is also a small bed and breakfast with six rooms where 15 people can stay overnight. Everything has been built using 100% natural materials, valuing simplicity and local craft. Optional: delicious vegetarian lunch.


Car or bike ride along the dirt road in the park of Serra do Conduru State Park. The name of the Park is a tribute to Conduru – (Brosimum Rubescens) – a noble and highly valued tree that is found in the Ombrophylous forests of Southern Bahia. Its beautiful landscapes, the rich biodiversity of fauna and flora, the streams and waterfalls with crystal clear waters, make PESC a symbol of environmental conservation for the entire region. This very rich natural heritage gives the park strategic importance for the development of tourist activity in the region, especially those related to nature tourism. After walking the trails, we arrive at the Vista do Mar site. The site produces organic fruits such as cocoa, guava, lemon, coconut and cupuaçu. Delicious lunch with a beautiful view of the sea!


The Institute Floresta Viva was founded in 2003. It’s based on pioneer social-environmental technology and promotes local development through ecotourism, agroecology and the implementation of protected areas in south Bahia. Their work implies the conservation and restoration of biodiversity, and local sustainable development with the production of seeds and seedlings of native species. The Institute’s priority is to successfully impact directly in the in APA Itacaré-Serra Grande (protected area), exchanging experiences with other institutions in the region, reaching out from its local settings in the broader Atlantic Rain Forest region. A forest specialist will be guiding the visit at the institute’s headquarters 40 minutes from Ilhéus.


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